Mask Update

The church is currently fully open for both our 8:00 and 10:30 services! As you know, the state of California has updated the mask guidance. Vaccinated individuals are not required to wear masks, unvaccinated people are required to wear a mask in all indoor settings. Windborn will continue to wear masks for singing for a few more weeks.

What precautions will remain?
In order to promote unity within the body and provide a comfortable setting for those who remain cautious:
  1. We will continue to offer masks at both entrances (Individuals who need or choose to wear a mask at all times while in the building, are welcome to do so).
  2. Suggest people leave a couple chairs between themselves and the next party as well as make an effort not to sit directly behind or in front of someone.
  3. Wear a mask while singing for a few more weeks.
  4. Continue to offer the service on Live Stream.

What will Windborn Church not do?
  1. Windborn Church, as an organization, will not be asking if individuals are vaccinated.
  2. We will not segregate individuals according to vaccination status.
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